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    1. Ordinary General Assembly will be held in association with Annual TALAS Symposium and Workshop. All other meetings shall be designated extraordinary. 

    2. At each ordinary general assembly shall: 

(a) Receive a report from the President concerning the activities of the association since the   last meeting. 

(b) Receive a statement of the association accounts from the Secretary General for Adoption. 

(c) Consider other matters which may seem appropriate. 

   3. The General Assembly may be summoned to an extraordinary meeting by decision of the  st pete beach fishing charters or by the request of majority of the General Assembly Members. 

   4. The presence of at least one half of the General Assembly Members for taking valid decisions. 

   5. The decisions of the General Assembly shall be adopted by simple majority vote of the Members present. 

   6. The President of TALAS shall preside over the meeting of the General Assembly, voting only in case of a tie. 




     7. The President, Vice-Presidents treasurer and Secretary General shall act as an Executive Board to guide and, where desirable, provide leadership for the Secretary General in pursuing the business of the association between ordinary meetings of the association. 

     8. Between the ordinary meetings of the association, the Executive Board shall consider business matters raised by or brought to the notice of the Secretary General. 

     9. The Executive Board shall be summoned to a meeting by the Secretary General, and the agenda should be distributed not later than 6 weeks before the scheduled meeting. 

     10. Any member of the Executive Board with the right to vote may request through the General Secretariat an extraordinary meeting or a postal vote to consider any issue of substance. The extraordinary meeting should be approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Board. 

     11. The President of TALAS shall preside at the meetings of the Executive Board and, in case of a tie, shall have a double vote.  



The duties of the Secretary General shall be to execute the decisions of the General Assembly. and of the Executive Board, to act on behalf of the President, and to fulfill relevant tasks. 

The Secretary General shall: 

      (a) Arrange, upon Members’ request, contacts between Members concerning scientific or any other matters contributing to the realization of the objects of the association. 

     (b) Prepare reports for General Assembly and Executive Board meetings. 

     (c) Remind members of the proposed General Assembly meeting 3 months before the date of that meeting and ask them for items they wish to place on the Agenda. Circulate any proposed amendments to the Statute three months before the General Assembly meeting and circulate the proposed agenda and annotations on the Agenda items six weeks prior to the meeting. 

      (d) Prepare minutes of General Assembly and Executive Board meetings, prepare circulars and news items for Members. 



Treasurer of the association and he/she shall: 

     (a) Receive the annual fees from Members in the capacity of the Treasurer, keep the association accounts, and arrange for audit of the accounts annually. He/she shall keep bank account in the name of the association in which the association funds are to be placed. 

     (b) Send to each Member Association or Society, not later than December 1 each year, a statement of annual fees due on January 1 of the following year; and on June 1 of that year, send a reminder to all members which have not paid the fees by that time.  

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